Duckweed based Urban Wastewater Treatment

PRISM Bangladesh has implemented the community based urban wastewater treatment project in Khulna City Corporation Area, one of the major components of Sustainable Environmental Management Program under NEMAP.

The main objectives of this Program were:

(a)     To mobilize, motivate and train the communities on environmental issues and        wastewater treatment, solid & hospital waste management aspects.

(b)     Introduce and adopt appropriate preventive measures and practices at the sources of wastewater, solid & hospital waste generation.

(c)     Identify and isolate various solid waste and wastewater generated according to their composition at the source and institute separate collection systems.

(d)    Improve the general nutritional level of the population by increasing protein production.

(e)     Improve community environmental sanitation and general health of people.

(f)      Community managed, operated and maintained waste management systems which are commercially sustainable.

(g)     Manufacture compost from the collected organic solid waste.

(h)     Formulate groups with the vulnerable communities in manufacturing compost from solid waste to establish the income generation activities among them.

(i)       Develop marketing network for compost.

(j)       Clinical waste management through a scientific process to avoid health hazards for the community.

(k)     Develop leadership quality of the environmental management committee to operate and develop the environmental condition in the city areas.