Development of Ward Level Solid Waste Management Program and composting

PRISM initiated ward level solid waste management program with the support of JICA Study Team in Dhaka City Corporation Areas, which is the replication of the experience established in Khulna City Corporation. In this management community people participating in the management process and they are collectively organizing the management activities. We have developed the leadership quality and institutional arrangement through long term discussion, meeting, training, experience sharing and on job practical orientation with equipment and logistic support.


The system consists of safe collection and disposal introducing door-to-door collection and disposing to KCC secondary collection point providing all logistic supports. 72 numbers of collection vans were involved for collecting solid waste through community participation covering 26 wards out of 31 wards of Khulna City. 17 local level NGOs/CBOs were involved in the service of solid waste. PRISM constructed four compost plants in suitable places in four KCC wards. Collected waste was converted into compost as an organic resource in order to safe management of household waste.