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PRISM Bangladesh Foundation is a non-profit voluntary development organization established in 1989 in the name of PRISM Bangladesh. It has started to work with socio-economic development for the rural community in different areas of Bangladesh with the assistance and support of UN organizations such as UNDP, UNICEF, UNDRO and UNCDF. Currently, PRISM Bangladesh Foundation is working with 38000 direct partner beneficiaries in these areas for reduction of poverty and enhancing their socio-economic condition. The program beneficiaries are mainly belongs to vulnerable landless, marginal, deprived individuals and communities particularly women. PRISM Bangladesh Foundation has also implemented a wide range of development programs and projects in multi-layer sectors such as aquaculture, rural water supply and sanitation, arsenic free water supply, socio-economic development, rural enterprise formation and capital development, relief and rehabilitation, disaster preparedness and management, income generation and self employment, sustainable environmental development and management.   PRISM Bangladesh Foundation (back then PRISM Bangladesh) started its initial activities at Kumudini Hospital Complex (KHC) area at Mirzapur, in collaboration with Kumudini Welfare Trust. PRISM promoted duckweed and duckweed based pisciculture under agro sanitation project in KHC financed by PRISM (Inc.) USA. In the context of environmental management, PRISM has also been working in the... Read more