Water Quality Testing – Assuring pure water supply to rural areas for better sanitary health.


Increase coverage of safe water supply services

 Creation of new access to safe water was the main agenda of this output. A total of 34,266 water points (5606 in 2011) have been financed through UPs and completed by the end of 2011 – these additional water points created access to safe drinking water for about 2.47 million people.

PRISM Bangladesh Foundation focused its attention on hard-core and poor people in the process of approval and ensuring participation by the community in the planning and implementation. About 44% beneficiaries were from hard-core poor population. The needs assessment and planning for additional water and sanitation facilities were done by the community groups (hereinafter termed CDF). In the composition of CDF, the poor and the women were proportionately represented. Gender related issues were particularly given priority in the selection of sites for Water Sanitary infrastructure.

 Water Quality Testing

Good water quality is the ultimate objective when searching for sources of water. Testing water quality for key elements such as arsenic, chloride, iron and manganese is mandatory for PRISM Bangladesh Foundation interventions.

In response to the absence of physical and laboratory facilities to test water quality in different project areas, PRISM BD Foundation has begun to conduct water quality testing at the water point site. The use of field testing kits at the water point using scientifically acceptable methods can be accepted as substitute for laboratory tests.

 Alternative Water Technologies

Hand pump tubewells are not feasible in many parts of the country, especially in the coastal belts, rocky soil areas. To supply water to these areas PRISM Bangladesh Foundation  has promoted alternative technologies, including: rain water harvesting systems, dug wells and pond sand filters. Many water sources, using these alternative technologies have been approved and installed in such areas.

 Operation and Maintenance

Operation and maintenance is essential for sustainability of installed infrastructures, especially the water supply schemes. PRISM BD Foundation facilitated and financed training of local mechanics to be able to fix problems on call. This large force in the community will provide regular information for water safety, especially on hand washing, water collection, preservation and consumption.