The mission of PRISM Bangladesh Foundation is to foster local and family enterprises for increased production and income in poor rural communities. PRISM believes that human and natural resources needed to do this exist in rural communities, which need to be reexamined from a new perspective for full utilization of the potentials. On this basis PRISM works as partners and equal participant with these communities and with public and private institutions that serve them.


PRISM researches powerful ideas and develops them into innovative opportunities to increase productivity. PRISM wants to offer impoverished rural families a realistic alternative to either urban flight or further degradation of their environment. PRISM is, therefore, dedicated to creating sustainable, rural enterprises that provide the opportunity to work and prosper.


In doing so, PRISM promotes interdependence between our partner communities and the modern world. PRISM wants rural communities to become competitive through ventures founded on excellent performance, good management and appropriate high technology.




We believe “we are for you wherever or whenever you are”. Our objectives are;

  • To reduce poverty through integrated development process by active participation of the community.
  • To promote hygiene and sanitation in urban and rural areas through community participation.
  • Gender empowerment through educational development, nutritional and maternal health balance, income generation and skilled resource development.
  • To enhance environmental health friendly social development.
  • Disaster risk reduction and mitigation.